All of our wedding  and celebration cakes are designed to suit your personal style and requirements. Prices will vary according to the amount of detail you and portions you would like to serve from the cake.


Cakes are then presented on an iced cake board also with a ribbon

around the bottom of the board.


Cakes are then prepared for set up either simply stacked upon each other

or placed on a stand.


Party cakes starts from £45

2 tier wedding cake starts from £180

3 tier wedding cake starts from £250

4 tier wedding cake starts from £320

5 tier wedding cake starts from £390


Wedding cupcakes start from £2.50 each. We have a minimum order of 10 cupcakes for all bespoke orders.


Miniature cakes start from £5.00 each .


Cookies start from £2.50 

Prices vary depending on amount of detail and colours required. Packaging, in a clear bag tied with ribbon, can be included for an additional 50p. We have a minimum order of 10 on all bespoke cookies. 


To secure your booking, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all orders.



Please provide as much information as possible in your enquiry, such as the date, number of portions you require, style and theme of your event and the venue’s address if you require delivery.


On occasion last minute orders are able to be accommodated.



Delivery is available at an extra charge depending on where to.




Standard cake sizes start from a 4 inch or 6 inch depending on the cake design.

The size then ascend in consecutive even numbers for example 6, 8, 10 etc.

A standard wedding cake serving is 1”x1”x5”. Approximate (rounded down!) servings

for popular cake sizes are below. If you would like to serve your guests a large dessert size portion,

please divide the number of servings in two.


Size                                   Round cake portions                            Square cake portions

13 cm (5in)                                     8                                                   12

15cm  (6in)                                   12                                                   18

18cm  (7in)                                   18                                                   24

20cm  (8in)                                   24                                                   32

23cm  (9in)                                   32                                                   42

25cm (10in)                                  42                                                   50

28cm (11in)                                  50                                                   61

30cm (12in)                                  61                                                   72

36cm (14in)                                  72                                                   98

41cm (16in)                                  98                                                  128



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